Phoenix Tummy Tuck – What Is It?

Phoenix Tummy Tuck – What Is It?

Abdominoplasties or “abdominal tightening” cosmetic procedures are becoming more common among Americans as our nation’s waistlines continue to expand. Tummy tucks or “abdominoplasties” can provide you with a boost of self-confidence, physical strength, and an improved appearance. There are many reasons why you might want to undergo an abdominoplasty. Have a look at Phoenix Tummy Tuck for more info on this. Perhaps you’ve had a baby and now have stretch marks on your midsection. Or perhaps you’ve just gained a few extra pounds, and your abdomen now appears too small. Regardless of your reasoning for seeking a tummy tuck, it’s important that you realize the procedure is very invasive and that a good plastic surgeon is necessary to ensure you receive the results you want.


Tummy tucks are usually performed on an outpatient basis under general anesthesia in two weeks time. During this time, you’ll be put under an instrument that will cut through the pubic bone and surrounding tissue to make your abdomen smaller. The surgery will involve the removal of excess fat and skin from both the upper and lower abdominal walls, and the removal of skin and muscle from around the navel. After your surgery, you will be covered with a surgical mesh suit to help you heal.

As with all surgeries, abdominoplasty patients are also advised to take certain precautions before, during, and after the operation. Because of the general anesthesia provided during surgery, it’s important that you follow specific pre-and post-operation instructions given by your surgeon. General anesthetic is required both before the procedure and for several hours immediately following. You should avoid alcohol a few days before and after your tummy tuck procedure as well as taking nonprescription medications for several days. Smoking is prohibited as well.

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