Medical Marijuana Dispensary – Profit Potential

Medical Marijuana Dispensary – Profit Potential

How much profit can a medical marijuana dispensary earn? Annual sales figures aren’t yet available because the medical marijuana dispensary business is relatively new and not yet legalized in any states. Have a look at Albuquerque Dispensaries for more info on this. Many people are hesitant to patronize a cannabis-based product for fear of government raids or criminal charges, but the industry has proven that the potential exists to make serious money in a legally-regulated state business. There are currently at least three dozen States where recreational use of marijuana is legal, including Massachusetts and Maine, which are expected to join the list soon.


The medical marijuana dispensary business is a multi-billion dollar industry, with annual sales reaching into the hundreds of millions of dollars annually. The two most popular products that are sold are the tinctures (or extracts) and the capsules. While there is an increasing demand for these items, they can be difficult to source due to federal and state laws prohibiting the cultivation, possession, and sale of medical cannabis. However, there are several companies currently working towards creating specialized and customizable supplies to allow patients to legally obtain and use these products. One such company is Emerald Coast Gardens, which is developing an effective new delivery system called the “Emerald Pass System”.

In addition to the many different strains of cannabis, there are several different methods of delivery. The Emerald Pass system will distribute three small doses of cannabis through the use of a vaporizer, inhaler, and injection. Patients will need to fill a prescription form, which contains a number of predetermined strains of cannabis, including some with high concentrations of THC. When using this delivery method, patients don’t have to worry about driving or operating heavy machinery. This is a huge advantage over other methods, such as smoking, that can result in immediate and severe side effects.

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