What To Do If You’ve Been Wrongfully Terminated

If you lose your job, regardless of whether you have been fired or laid off, it is often difficult to understand why your boss is behind it. What if you know you were let go for an illegitimate cause, after doing some soul searching? If this is the case, you have the right to file an unfair termination lawsuit against your former employer. What does that imply? Cash damages, severance payments and other benefits can be received. To see if you lost your employment because of an unjust firing and what you should do about it, follow this guide from a civil rights attorney.Do you want to learn more?view more about wrongful terminations

What is the Wrongful Termination definition?

If, for an illegitimate cause, you have been let go or fired from your employment, then you have been wrongfully discharged. Any of the illegal reasons for your job loss may include:

Based on your color, gender, sexual orientation and other discriminatory reasons, you will be fired.

Shooting you because you have declined unwanted advances and other excuses for sexual harassment.

Despite prior oral and written employment arrangements, dismissing you.

In retribution for any allegations against the employer that you have made.

If you are protected by any of these, you will be entitled to a cash payout based on the unpaid earnings and other costs from which you have been dismissed. You may also be entitled to collect payments from your employer and also from the person who fired you, depending on the situation.

What To Do If You Were Shot

Ignore any bad feelings against your boss that you have. Don’t do anything that could make your case regrettable and discourage you.

For advice and representation, contact a civil rights attorney.

Find your contract and carefully go over it. Make sure all of the fine print is understood.

Get a letter from your boss in writing as to why you were dismissed. And ask who the person who determined that you should be shot was.

Think of the promises that the boss has made to you and see if any of them have followed through.

Make sure all company property is returned.

Do not make bullying of yourself. Every step of the way, a successful civil rights lawyer will be there for you to help you build your case.