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The trouble was, I was dealing with some 30-year-old pipes and couplings, and – apparently – these had enough mineral build-up in them that sometimes, when you think you have completely turned off the supply of water, and then, say, left for work, you have actually turned it off only FAST, and then small amounts of water will continue to drip out of the pipe slowly but surely throughout the day. I strongly suggest you to click here

After racing home, it was time to call the insurance company, understand the situation, and CRUSH the off-spigot ALL THE WAY shut down with all my man-power. After weeks of the usual back-and-forth stuff, which was to involve only a carpenter, my insurance company cut a check for some repair work, to tear out floor, walls, drywall, subfloors, etc., and reconstruction. I hired a professional to do this job, realising that my way of doing it was wrong, and it came out smashing… I have been thinking. This was about lying about the issue. Apparently, after the wet mess of building materials had snapped up and replaced all of them again, the carpenter guy I employed thought we were good. However, little did either of us know that we were not good at all.

All things at all. Apparently, not only had my man-scope, might’s as previously applied, closed off the cutoff spigot, it also generated a hairline fracture in a plumbing coupling that lived approximately halfway down the wall between upstairs and downstairs condos. But we would not have known anything about that in six months or so. Not until the neighbour downstairs began complaining about a “earthy” smell, and reported a “mushy” drywall section that had just begun to appear on the wall in the corner of her bathroom. In short, for months the hairline fracture in the coupling had been seeping ever-so-slowly, and there were apparently some kind of mould spores present, and what I learned was a “mould colony”.