Video Game Shirts Market Segmentation

Gaming t-shirts are big business now, but did you know these t-shirts cover such an enormous category of gaming tees? In this post, what we would look at are the common t-shirts in this genre and what are the variations between the various styles of tees.

Funny shirts for computer gamers

Probably the most popular, these t-shirts are typically your favourite character placed in an odd position or have a famous phrase that is actually popular in today ‘s vernacular teenage. These tees will age pretty easily, but there are some excellent designs out there.Learn more about this at video game t shirts.

Retro jerseys for computer gamers

These are my favourite t-shirts that are the kind of old games such as pong, space invaders or Pac-Man that appear. These take iconic images from these games and print them on a tee, it could simply be a screen shot of the original classic software level or even just the main character alone.

Game over shirts for video games

These t-shirts are very common, typically focused on the game over the screen that your game portrays when all your gaming lives are exhausted. These shirts have now been turned into popular, satirical shirts. The term ‘game done’ is also part of mainstream culture and this term can be used on all sorts of t-shirts, not just video game shirts.

Lifestyle Gamer T Shirts

These tee shirts may even be called amusing gaming t-shirts, but on their own, I think they merit a category. These are quite common, and typically celebrate the way gamers live in a comedic way, when a new iteration is published by their favourite gaming title. Playing gaming sessions for marathons and the side effects of doing this.

Shirts from the console

Again, these tees may spill over into a variety of different groups, but appear to have wordings of, for example, Nintendo or particular consoles with particular game console manufacturers. The various red ring X box t shirts out there for sale are one instance of this.

Many of these tees are highly common and not only are gaming manufacturers licencing photos to artists to design these t shirts from games titles. Any of the finest have taken elements from these titles of games and then twist them on the game or it clearly takes caution not to infringe copyright.