Preparations for Vehicle Shipping Pick-up

You must begin your preparations for vehicle shipping pick-up after you have finally selected a shipping company to carry your car and have signed a contract for such service. Click here to find more about Ken The Freight Guy are here
You’d want to have a bath in your car before it leaves your house. Washing it before shipping vehicle pick-up would make it more visible to you – as well as exposing existing nicks, chips, dents and other visual defects – to its current state. Prior to delivery, you need to record this in order to catch your car’s current condition while still in your hands. Take a picture of your car with dates posted on it if you can. When the time comes, when you or a delegate actually receives it at the final destination, this will make it easier for you to search for its post shipping status. This practise is typically part of the shipping company’s policy, since they do not want to be held responsible for any harm that was already there, when the owner picked up the car.
It is also a must that you search for leaks in the car prior to vehicle delivery, whether it is gasoline, brake fluid, transmission fluid, or whatever. This should be done so as to take into consideration any precautions that need to be taken, such as not putting it on an open trailer on top of another deck. The risk can involve damage to the underlying vehicle paint.
Keep the fuel level of your tank low, as this will save the vessel some weight along with the other shipping vessels. It is appropriate at about 1/8th to 1/4th stage of the tank.
If you have a basic alarm device that does not present the shipping company with any issues, you should leave it as it is. Make sure you disable it otherwise.
Within the car, you should not leave any personal belongings. Remove all unwanted things from your vehicle.
It is always necessary for the owner to be aware of his car’s pre-shipping conditions, take note of all the information needed and declare it on a formal document. In the contract that addresses such cases, any unfortunate incident or injury should have a clause. Insurance also needs to protect it. What you do before the vehicle shipping pick-up in your plans may very well determine your chances of succeeding in your claims if your car should find its way into an untoward incident.