Columbus Senior Care Services – An Overview

Home health care service is sometimes called independent personal support or care offered by a skilled professional caregiver at the home of the client or patient. It is usually a separate health insurance plan with its own payment schedule, benefit package and reimbursement plan. Home health care is also known as independent residential care, domiciliary, community care or home-based health care. Most people who take up home health care have to do so because they have suffered from the loss of a job or are otherwise unable to provide their own medical care and hence, depend on family members or friends or on the state to provide health care on their behalf. Columbus in Home Care is one of the authority sites on this topic.
Home health care service provides quality medical care and is much cheaper than hospitalization. A person suffering from serious illnesses or injuries usually has to be admitted in a hospital for treatment but he or she may not need long-term treatment. A home health care worker takes up the responsibility of providing long term care to an elderly person, a person suffering from chronic illness or one who cannot work.
The government has started to develop health care services in a big way and in addition to this, private companies have also entered the health care sector. The health industry is growing rapidly as more people require the services of health professionals and are looking to hire one to do the job on their behalf. This has led to a significant increase in the number of health professionals practicing in home health care services as well.
Home health care service is mainly available for the aged, handicapped, mentally ill, AIDS sufferers, chronic conditions or physical disabilities. The health care service provides a variety of services such as personal hygiene, bathing, grooming and eating, occupational and speech therapy, physiotherapy, massage, hearing and vision therapies, etc. The services provided include but are not limited to, physical therapy, cognitive therapy, speech and language therapy, nutrition and diet counseling, immunology, wound care, physical rehabilitation and emotional counseling.
Home health care service is also offered to a patient who has developed a need for it after being unable to perform the regular activities that he or she was used to doing before becoming ill. This can include an adult patient who is physically challenged and requires care to maintain a healthy diet and to recover from the physical impairment caused by the illness or disability. There are also patients who may have developed a condition that prevents them from performing basic tasks or requires special medications or equipment to give them comfort. The service providers can provide such services as physical exercise, occupational therapy, speech and language therapy, physical exercises, occupational, massage and physiotherapy, therapeutic exercise, etc. for the patient who is unable to do these activities by themselves.
An experienced home health care service provider can evaluate the condition and the needs of each patient before the care is given by him or her. The service provider also works on the basis of the assessment made by the patient and his or her family and is aware of the requirements of the individual patient.