Elder Law Attorney: Know What to Look For

Elder Law is a relatively new field of law dedicated specifically to the aging population. The word Elder Law actually refers to the elder client, and not the area of legal practice itself. The elder client is often referred to as “the dependent” since many times they are financially, physically and emotionally in need of long-term legal counsel. Because the economy is still floundering, it is becoming increasingly necessary for senior citizens to retain counsel with an attorney who is experienced in all areas of personal law. In fact, there are many cases in which they have substantial investments and do not want to take chances with their financial future by retaining the services of an untested lawyer.You may want to check out Crow Estate Planning and Probate, PLC-Probate Attorney¬†
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Many times, the older client may have accumulated large amounts of money through pensions, payouts from insurance policies, bank accounts, or other pension or retirement accounts. They may be facing medical expenses, asset seizures, and even foreclosure proceedings. Because these types of situations are so often unexpected, the client may feel extremely uneasy about revealing his/her financial information to a novice attorney. An elder law attorney helps them retain the appropriate protection and representation, while simultaneously providing the guidance they need to take control over their lives and financial future. They also help them communicate effectively with physicians and healthcare professionals to address the pressing issues affecting their futures.

Many times, the elderly client may have incurred debts, especially credit card debt. Because the government has enacted some form of debt relief legislation, the elder care attorney will often be able to prevent the assets of the client from being liquidated to satisfy outstanding debts. In addition, the services of an elder law attorney can also be utilized in the event of a nursing home abuse incident. An elderly person cannot fight on their own, and it is often difficult for them to decide or remember how to behave when placed in a situation where they are not in a position to act freely. An experienced attorney can give them the tools they need to assert their rights and recover damages for injuries or wrongful death.