Major Home Plumbing Problems That Need a Licensed Plumber

Homeowners can remedy minor plumbing issues, but major ones can be the cause of potential disasters in the home if not immediately addressed. Many homeowners take leaking pipes for granted, dripping taps or clogged sink drains until they get the surprise of their lives, such as flooded bathrooms, water outages and phenomenal increases in utility bills. Outcome? In chaos.Have a look at H&A Brooklyn Plumbing, NY for more info on this.

Extreme damage requires urgent solutions that only a licenced plumber should do in order to avoid accidents. There are some of them:

Main Replacement Water Line

Water outages are a major problem because people need water throughout the day. A licenced plumber is best able to replace the entire pipe line system because there are standards to follow in accordance with government regulations, which homeowners do not necessarily know. In addition, to ensure proper repair, there are special techniques, abilities and instruments to be used. For example, a special device called a street key, which only a licenced plumber has is needed to turn off the water at the main valve in the street. Work that requires special training and the necessary skills is the use of special equipment and the replacement of bursting or rusty pipes located in basements or under floors.

Main Drain Lines Clogged

The flow of waste water into the septic tank stops a clog in the main drain line leading to the sewer, causing such waste water to back up to the sinks, tubs and toilets, spreading foul odour around the house. Repair work for this issue is a messy job that requires a licenced plumber’s special skills. Snaking is one alternative to this issue. If snaking fails, the problem can lead to the septic tank, since its repair or replacement is expensive and disruptive, a very big problem.

Leaks from the Gas Line

One of the most delicate plumbing tasks is to build or fix gas lines and this should certainly be done by a professional plumber. Gas can cause extreme dangers, such as fires, if not properly handled. Even the seemingly minor threading of pipes and joints requires very expensive special equipment that the average home owner would not be willing to purchase.

Leaks from the Wall and Ceiling

The additional job of ripping off walls and ceilings requires wall and ceiling leaks. The potential problem of damaged fixtures such as wooden flooring and electrical wiring, two other issues that need immediate attention, is also present. A minor problem may be leaking pipes behind walls and ceilings, but the collateral damage they cause is enormous and expensive.

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