All That’s Necessary To Understand About Kansas City Stamped Concrete

Stamped concrete has a wide variety of applications in both commercial and residential construction. It can be used as a substitute for poured concrete which can be more costly. Stamped concrete has the same look and texture as natural stone or wood, but is less expensive. The texture can also be customized to match the existing design and landscaping of the property. Due to the texture, stamped concrete does not show as quickly as poured concrete which is preferred for interiors and outdoor areas where traffic will be frequent. Also, stamped concrete will not harbor mold and mildew to pour concrete which can be green in color and easily damaged by mold and mildew.Kindly visit Kansas City stamped concrete to find more information.

Stamped concrete uses two components-a substrate and a substrate stamp. A substrate is an inorganic solid that is sprayed with a colored coating. Once the substrate is cured, it becomes the texture of the stamped concrete. Surfaces can be left blank or designed with specific patterns. These designs are generally done like concrete by sanding and applying a particular texture. A substrate can also be made from an organic material such as rubber, latex or plastic which will then be imprinted with a texture similar to that of stone, brick or slate.

Some of the most common stamped concrete designs are brick, sand, water, marble and flagstone. Different patterns can be used depending on the space available and the intended application. For example, stamped concrete that will be used as a walkway has a different pattern than that used to border the house or patio. The same idea holds true for accent walls. Some people prefer the stamped concrete look because of its modern and simplistic appearance. One can choose from different patterns such as plain stripes, stencils, stencil borders, textured walls, textured ceilings, textured floors, stamped edging and even stamped concrete landscaping.

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