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Learn how to tow your own car safely and effectively to prevent expensive damage and repairs. Towing another vehicle isn’t seen as a big deal by most people. They are absolutely incorrect. If you don’t know what you’re doing, you could do more harm to your car than it would cost to get it towed by a tow truck.

When towing a vehicle, leaving the drive wheels on the ground may cause significant transmission damage. When towing a two-wheel-drive vehicle, you have many choices. The most effective option is to use a trailer with all four wheels off the ground. This choice is suitable for any car, regardless of whether it is front-wheel drive, rear-wheel drive, or four-wheel-drive.Have a look at Fort Collins Towing for more info on this.

Tow dollies, which raise the front wheels off the ground, are the next choice. When you look behind some do-it-yourself rental trucks towing a vehicle, you’ve probably seen tow dollies being used. Towing a rear-wheel-drive vehicle with tow dollies is possible, but it takes a lot more effort because you must detach and remove the drive shaft to avoid damaging the transmission.

A tow bar is another alternative. It’s typically in the form of a triangle with ridged bars. One end connects to the tow vehicle’s ball hitch, while the other connects to the bumper of the car you’re towing. The vehicle’s four wheels are all on the ground. If you have a two-wheel-drive vehicle with a manual transmission, you can simply put it in neutral and tow it with the tow bar.

You can tow an automatic vehicle, but you’ll need some accessories to secure it, such as a Drive Shaft Coupling Device (which switches between towing (drive shaft disengaged) and driving (drive shaft engaged)), Lube Pumps (which keep the transmission lubricated when towing), and an Axle Lock (disconnects the automatic transmission for towing a front-wheel-drive vehicle). These solutions may be expensive, and they might not be worth the time and money spent for a quick tow to a repair shop.


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