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A possible question posed to the average customer is who invented the hamburger. While some may immediately think of their favorite restaurants that stood the waves of time, most folks always find the answer a surprise. Some schools of thought attribute their debut to the armies of the Mongols, who during plundering and pillaging trips took their rations along. As the meat was evidently stored under the saddles of the soldiers, after a long day’s journey, they went through a tenderizing experience. They introduced this meaty fare to the locals, who renamed it to suit their invaders, after conquering Russian soil in the 13th century. While it does not seem to be the least of what the modern tongue is used to, the ball rolling undoubtedly began.Get the facts about fast casual burger chains Montana.

Trading practices brought the Russian people to the port of Hamburg four centuries later. Their cuisine, once again, came and took root in the new region. German settlers crossed the oceans to settle on the American continent in the search of a better chance at life. It continued to adapt to accommodate new tastes and surroundings as this migrant fare came along for the trip.

In characterizing the Menches brothers as the ones who invented the hamburger for what it is today, some hamburger historians are stoic. Since equal grounds for many an idea seem to be launch pads, this basic sandwich of minced meat took off. This mobile fare, tailored to easy on the go, entered the ranks of other equally popular fair foods. It adopted the name of the suburb where the fair took place, to mark its success. Thus was born another variant of the hamburger.

While the popular burger as a migrant fare has made great strides, it is continually enjoyed as one of the world’s most consumed foods. Content can vary according to taste, but most hearts are melted by the sight of a juicy patty sitting between a warm bun.