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If most people think of metal doors, they always think of the large segmented doors used on warehouses. There are actually many kinds of metal doors that are often used in residential homes. These doors may be used as doors for screens or floods, or as safety doors. For any of these types, a metal door firm can sell a number of designs.Do you want to learn more? Visit door

Storm Doors in Metal

These doors are typically designed to be used in months of warm weather as well as months of cold weather. The lower portion and frame of the door are usually made of metal, while a screen insert is available for the upper half of the body. The top area will also have a solid panel that can move up and down to provide more or less protection against the weather, made of either glass or clear plastic.

A business selling these doors will give customers their choice of glass or plastic panels. In certain situations, with panel inserts, both the top and bottom parts may be made of glass or plastic. You may leave the metal frame uncoloured or covered with a coloured material that is weather resistant.

Protection Metal Doors

In general, these doors are made from wrought iron to make them harder to smash through. To make several different decorative designs, the iron segments or bars can be formed and placed inside the frame. As well as those made with more conventional twisted or filigree iron bars frequently seen on wrought iron fences, a business selling these doors might carry doors with sunburst patters. The more complicated the pattern is the more costly the door would be.

Businesses selling models that have double lock boxes will also find residents interested in buying an iron security door. For a lock bearing door handle, this frame enables one lock box to be used and the other can be used for a deadbolt. More protection than a single lock system is given by the double system. Usually security doors are available in black, but businesses can also carry certain models with protective coloured coatings. Brown, silver and white are some of the popular colours available.