Counselling Psychology

Counselling psychology is an emotional specialty that encompasses various wide domains: clinical work and study; training and supervision; counselling process and outcomes; occupational therapy and rehabilitation; and research methodology and practice. It is also known as counseling science, or human-centered counselling. The domain of counselling psychology addresses the major issues related to emotional and interpersonal life, making use of methods such as cognitive behavioural therapy, interpersonal therapy, family therapy, and psychodynamic therapy. These domains of counselling psychology are used in the fields of counselling, and school counselling. As per the latest status, counselling has emerged as the third most popular specialization in the field of counselling along with clinical psychology and social work.Checkout Virtuous Circle Counselling, Calgary for more info.

The most important component of the counselling domain is the role of the counsellor. The counsellor is supposed to understand the client’s problem and then help the client find appropriate solutions for the various issues associated with it. He should be able to assist the client in making his past experiences become the root cause of their present problems and recommend them to the proper channels of action. The effectiveness of the counsellor depends upon his ability to understand the client’s problems from his past experiences and recommend the right course of action for the client.

The other key aspect of counselling is the role of the therapist, who gives counselling to the client. The aim of the therapist/counselor is to assist the client in making the right changes in his thought patterns and behaviours and to help him come out of his distress. A key aspect of the therapist/counselor is his ability to understand the client’s problems from his past experiences and suggest the proper channels of action for the client. There are many instances where the past experiences of the client are ignored by the therapist and he is given the chance to solve his problem on his own but in most of the times, the help from the counselling discipline is required to give effective counsel.


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