Spring Hill Air Conditioning-Things You Must Know

Spring Hill Air Conditioning-Things You Must Know

For a number of reasons, air conditioners may fail. Typically, the homeowner is unaware of the problem before the temperature outside increases. If you’re looking for more tips, ac repair Spring Hill has it for you. The internal temperature gradually increases, and most people know the telltale signs of a broken air conditioner at this stage. The air conditioner will run, but it only blows warm air.

Cleaning the unit is also the solution to a situation where the unit is working but still blowing warm air. You can handle it yourself if you are familiar with simple home repairs. Otherwise, a Phoenix air conditioning repair provider will come out and do the work for you. It’s not that tough, and here’s how you go about doing it!


First, search close the air conditioner for a reconnect panel. It resembles a massive circuit breaker.

When you flip the button, the machine should shut down. If you’re not sure, you should turn off the whole house’s key breaker. Running the fan first and making sure it shuts off when you flip the switch is a safe way to test this.

Remove the protective grill that protects the condenser fins and clear leaves and dirt from around the device. You can still hire a Phoenix air conditioning installer, but often people feel that they can do the job on their own. Brush the fins out with a stiff brush. Clean them out with a vacuum and get rid of the debris that has gathered.

Unscrew and instal the grill that covers the top of the unit if necessary. Where a fan is mounted, make sure none of the wires are disconnected. Using a pipe, hose down the fins from within the device.

Make sure none of the wires or ties get wet!

When you’re done, reattach all of the grills and let them dry. If the weather is cold, you will have to wait a little longer. Re-activate the switch. Set the thermostat to a low temperature inside the house so the device can turn on. Test the machine for regular service after it has been turned on. Check that the thermostat is set to COOL and that the temperature is set low enough if the device does not turn on.

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