Refrigerator Repair and Cleaning

Refrigerator Repair and Cleaning

Many forms of bacteria grow at normal room temperatures, and if you do not seal the food or put it inside the refrigerator, it is only a matter of time before they contaminate food; therefore, having no refrigerator in the house is as much a waste of food as it is a waste of natural resources. Get more info about Commercial Refrigeration Repair.

Make sure, then, that by constantly cleaning and repairing it, your refrigerator operates in top condition. Every day or even every week, you don’t have to wash it, but only long enough to keep the compartment clean and the mechanics of the refrigerator working the way they should. Using a rinse and a small amount of mild soap (or baking soda) combined with clean water, cleaning is accomplished. By either turning it off or setting the dial to defrost, defrost the unit and then keep the door open for a few minutes. Then, take all the things out and begin scrubbing the compartment’s walls , floor and roof. Don’t forget the fridge and freezer handles and the seals that allow tight air closure of the refrigerator door. If required, rinse several times, but it is recommended that you only use as little detergent as possible so that you do not have to rinse again and again.

Repairing refrigerators, Troubleshooting

If you do not know what you are doing, do not attempt to fix a broken refrigerator. Carelessly manipulating it will do more damage than good, Worse, you can end up harming it beyond repair; then you will be forced to purchase a new one.

Before you make the call to a big appliance repair person, check some stuff out. Is the fridge plugged into an electrical socket that works? Is it plugged in just partially? Check the cord and the wiring also. A frayed cord may be why it’s not working in the refrigerator.

Will the door close properly? Are the seals still enabling an air-tight seal to close the refrigerator? It is necessary to trap the seals in the cold and prevent excess consumption of energy. If your refrigerator is not compatible with Energy Star, you might just want to get one that is brand new or used. The cost of having an updated refrigerator may be worth the energy savings.

For items that could be possible problems, check the owner’s manual. Usually, there will be simple troubleshooting tips in the owner’s manual. See even if the refrigerator is already under warranty, as the repair bill will still be protected by the manufacturer’s warranty. The difference between a free maintenance bill or an expensive one might be a quick phone call to the place of purchase.