Dental Implants Provide Independence and Comfort

Dental Implants Provide Independence and Comfort


Dental implants are artificial titanium posts or roots that are placed into the bone of the mouth or jaw to support a dental appliance like a denture, bridge, crown, orthodontic cement or even to hold an artificial tooth in place. A dental implant can also be used as a tooth root to bridge a gap in between teeth, since dentures can be made to overlapped with implants to restore chewing function to those with missing teeth. These devices have been around for more than half a century, but they are growing in popularity among patients and their doctors alike due to their many advantages.Have a look at Lewis Center dental implants for more info on this.

Dental implants look much like a tooth root or tooth implant but are not actually made up of a tooth at all. They are made up of a series of thin titanium posts or plates anchored into the jawbone with screws and small steel pins. These posts are surgically implanted directly into the jawbone, which serves as a strong, secure platform where the dental implants will stay and allow nerves from surrounding bones to provide signals to them once they are installed. The titanium posts are then secured into the jawbone using the patient’s own dental adhesive.

Because dental implants are a mechanical replica of a natural tooth, they do not affect any existing structure and are designed to last a lifetime with regular care and maintenance. Patients who need tooth replacement because of missing teeth can choose to wear a bridge or a crown instead of a complete or partial denture, and they can use an Invisalign system to straighten their teeth without having to go through the pain and discomfort of traditional tooth replacement procedures. This procedure is quick, painless and comfortable, and can be performed in just one office visit, making it a good solution for those who are looking for a temporary tooth replacement. With new technologies and materials like titanium, patients can experience a lifetime of comfort and independence with dental implants.


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