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Provide Best Customer Support to Website Visitors

Website is the face of business for small and medium-sized companies, and almost all dealings are done from product quest, production information, price, payment and customer service on the website. For your website users, you must provide active and pro-active customer service, because you will lose several customers without pro-active service. Website is like a store and imagine that customers are coming to your store, and they are not attended by anyone. Visit ShipBob.

You may provide your clients with three forms of website help. Email Support, Live Chat and Phone Support. A few of the benefits and drawbacks of these strategies are described below.

Supporting Email

You should place your business email address on your website at the position most available to customers for this form of help. If they have any questions, customers can email you. You may not have any influence over consumer actions in this type of service. They will email you if the customer feels like contacting you, but you may not compel the customer to contact you and give you an email. So the greatest flaw in this process is that you have no influence over customer actions.

Aid for phones

You should place your telephone number at the top of your website, which is most accessible to the consumer, for this form of service. Telephone support is a good type of support since consumers can easily contact the support team in this way. But you have to have enough members to attend at least 10 calls at a time for this kind of support, so it’s costly. In this kind of service, there is also another drawback is that you do not have power over the customer, if the customer feels like they would call you otherwise not. No pro-active support, therefore.

Live Chat Services

The best support tool available these days is Live Chat. Live chat is easily available and, by clicking on live chat, customers can easily contact you. You can monitor all customer behaviours and can also contact customers pro-actively. So, the best support tool available is live chat. There are plenty of websites that give very good rates for this support system, which is very cheap to implement as well. You just need 2 to 3 reps who will help many of your clients. There are also all sorts of statics available for you to review and make significant business decisions.